Released solo works


2017 (CD) El anillo invisible que sujeta el mundo de la forma al mundo de la idea w/ Ensemble Phoenix Basel Antifrost (Greece) (42')

2014 (CD) "L'Hydre de Lerne" on Travaux Entr'Acte (UK) (25') with Francisco Meirino

2013 (CD) Nedifinebla Esenco Antifrost (Greece) (40')

2012 (10") Nigra Sango - Teleregataj Hundoj Musikzimmer (CH) (20')

2010 (one sided 12") Symphony #1 for oscillators and internal combustion engine vibrations Absurd (Greece) (20')

2009 (8" lathe) El Amor Es Mi Motor Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (13')

2009 (LP) Kenrimono Pan (UK/Germany) (35')

2007 (CD) Iyleilops Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (60')

2007 (CD) Love is My Motor Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (50')

2006 (CD) Hysechasterion Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (35') with Francisco López

2006 (online) Human Psyche is an Abyss Bagatellen - Listen (U.S.A) (8')

2005 (2CDr) Balls (for Poka-Yio) private edtion (Greece) (25')

2004 (CD) Vento Elektra Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (48')

2004 (CD) Encyclopedia-RW Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (70')

2003 (CD) Old Testament Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (50')

2003 (CDr) 18102002 Absurd (Greece) (40')

2002 (mCD) b.a Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (20')

2000 (CD) Dance Classics Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (55')

1999 (CD) Freeze Dead Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (35')

1997 (CD) Encyclopedia Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (40') (recorded 1993)

1994 (CD) Pharmacodynamics Elfish (Greece) (40')

1993 (LP) Eurovision / Otravision Elfish (Greece) (35')


With other projects


2018 (LP) Hagazussa Antifrost (Greece) (40') with Mohammad

2018 (LP) 070416 Modal Analysis (Greece) (40') with Mohammad

2018 (cassette) Andromache Antifrost (Greece) (45') with Mohammad

2016 (3X10"/ CD) Pèkisyon Funebri Antifrost (Greece) (60') with Mohammad

2015 (LP/CD) Segonde Saleco Antifrost (Greece) (35') with Mohammad

2014 (LP/CD) Lamne Gastama Antifrost (Greece) (35') with Mohammad

2014 (LP/CD) Zo Rel Do Antifrost (Greece) (40') with Mohammad

2013 (LP) Som Sakrifis Pan (Germany) (35') with Mohammad

2011 (3LP) Spiríti Antifrost (Greece /Spain) (80') with Mohammad // 2013 (CD) Spiríti

2010 (CD) Roto Vildblomma Antifrost (Greece /Spain) (40') with Mohammad

2005 (online) Steloj Con-V (Spain) (40') with Jason Kahn as "Astra"



participation in compilations


2014 (DVD-audio) "Kelkajn Fortajn Muziko 2" on NO BULLSHIT a tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski SONM (ES) (5')

2014 (CD) "Kelkajn Fortajn Muziko" on Unreleased Mateiral- a tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski FIBRR (FR) (5')

2012 (CD) "41 Lupoj" on 4 Protos Orofos (GR) (5')

2010 (CD) "the continuum of emanation from the One" on Anthology of Electronic Music and Noise vol.6 Sub Rosa (BE) (6')

2010 (online) "Kerveros" on Corbero tracks, edited for Lexicon performance by YELP dance co. (Spain) (12')

2009 (USB memory stick) 4000 ĉevaloj kriegas Mi ami Vi on Noise vs Subversive Computing compilation Computationally Infeasible Records (DK) (8')

2009 (CD) tba compilation on Backwater/Tentogo(Greece)

2009 (CDr) I wanna hold you so much on LUFF Audio Enforcer vol. 2 Lausanne Underground Film ad Music Festival (Switzerland) (6')

2008 (CD)120408 on Oblo live compilation Oblo (Switzerland)

2007 (CD) Second day on Destroy Athens Antifrost / Athens Biennial (Greece) (8')

2006 (2CD) on Francisco Lopez's Absolute Noise Ensemble Blossoming Noise (USA)

2006 (CD) R ILIOS piece from Encyclopedia-RW reworked by Francisco Lopez on Moso (USA)

2005 (online) Sedagaya Men (for M.S.B.R) Steinklang (Austria) (4')

2004 (CD) Kandy 95 on Transient Travels Domizil (Switzerland) (12')

2004 (CD) MtsKelee on Deconstructive Music More Mars (Greece) (5')

2003 (2CD) 080403 on domizil vs Antifrost Domizil (Switzerland) (9')

2003 (2CD) 120403 on domizil vs Antifrost Domizil (Switzerland) (5) with Jason Kahn

2003 (2CD) 090403 on domizil vs Antifrost Domizil (Switzerland) (10') with Coti K.

2003 (2CD) 090403 on domizil vs Antifrost Domizil (Switzerland) (9') with Ralph Steinbruchel

2003 (CD) Retitled on Void/ Full Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (3')

2003 (CDr) SLR2 on Cottage Industrial vol.1 Humbug (Norway) (6')

2003 (CDr) Non Definition on Research for the definition of happiness Absurd (Greece) (5')

2002 (mCD) Jcb Dk Gem on Electrograph 02 Antifrost (Greece / Spain) (2')

2002 (CD) Untitled for Johnny Cash on Suffer / EnjoyAntifrost (Greece / Spain) (4')

2001 (LP) Anonimo on Anonymous compilation Diskono (United Kingdom) (2')

1997 (2CD) Evil is above our children on Bienale di Giovanni Artisti BGA (Italy) (4')

1996 (CD) L.Y.M ST10 on The Answering machine solution Staalplaat (Netherlands) (1')

1995 (CD) Coma (Je t'aime) on Audio 7 Audio magazine (Greece) (4')


Other sound works (not released)


2016 Hagasuzza music for the movie of the same title (w/Mohammad)

2015 In the Dark Room music for the movie of the same title (w/Mohammad)

2011 Now and Then for dance work by YELP dance company: Lexicon (40')

2010 Lebenswelt for dance work by YELP dance company (40')

2010 Kerveros for dance work by YELP dance company (15')

2008 Das (Ist) Ein for dance work by YELP dance company with the same title (30')

2008 2Undo for dance work by YELP dance company with the same title (30')

2007 Full Moon 2 for a video by Eva Vretzaki (8')

2007 2 for NN for animation film by PopKorn (2')

2007 Scale 5:1 for dance work by YELP dance company with the same title (65')

2006 Full Moon for a video by Eva Vretzaki (10')

2005 Faux Pas for dance work by YELP dance company with the same title (15')

2004 Out/Sub for a video by YELP dance company (8')

2004 Kandy954 for an installation Transient Travels commisioned by WNMD (Luzern, Switzerland) (12')

2004 Alpha Omega for dance video by Kine (13')

2004 Karbon for dance work by YELP dance company with the same title (45')

2003 One hour as 620206000 bytes for radio ResonanceFM (60')

2003 In Silence for dance work by YELP dance company with the same title (30')

2003 Abans Corachan for Overdub (GR) (7')

2003 Hp03medic for Bios "Mediterrana" (GR) (5')

2002 Stitch for dance work by YELP dance company with the same title (45')

2002 Corridor for "Corridor" a film by Dogpack(10')

2001 Minime for dance work by YELP dance company with the same title (40')

1999 Kilimanjaro self prod.(15')

1997 music for short films for Fabrica TV films (60')

1997 Temps tendre for dance work by Sine Qua Non dance company with the same title (36')

1995 German American Friendship self prod (45')

1994 Real Agamemnon for ILIOS show (45')

1994 Brahms 3rd Symphony for ILIOS show (25')

1993 Lidavomex for ILIOS show (30')

1993 Don't Forget my number for ILIOS show (30')

1993 Raio for installation Athens School of Fien Arts(40')

1992 Western v.1.00 (3')

1992 Man's best friend for ILIOS show (25')



"El anillo invisible que sujeta el mundo de la forma al mundo de la idea" (CD) Antifrost

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"Travaux" with Francisco Meirino (CD) Entr'acte

released : September 2014 edition 300 copies

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Nedifinebla Esenco (CD) Antifrost

released : October 2013 edition 300 copies

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Nigra Sango / Tekeregataj Hundoj (10") vinyl Musikzimmer / Kunstraum Aarau

released : February 2012 edition 10 copies

ILIOS - Nigra Sango / Teleregataj Hundoj. Edition of 10 copies made for the ILIOS exhibition “Polaplasiepimoria”
at Kunstraum Aarau, January - February 2012. Recorded and mixed in Athens, Greece, March - December 2011.
All sounds by ILIOS.
Nigra Sango is an hommage to M. Papagika. All sounds in Teleregataj Hundoj were generated by remote control cars.
Cut by Flo Kaufmann. Coordination: Rachel Buehlmann, Sara Izzo. Published by Musikzimmer - Kunstraum Aarau



Symphony#1 for oscillators and internal combustion engine vibrations (one sided 12") vinyl (lathe-cut) Absurd |abs80|

released : April 2010 edition 25 copies*



Live at the Athens Biennale, June 27th,2009.

A Lancia Y10 with a 1000cc f.i.r.e engine was used as the main instrument. Additional vibration tests were made on a VW Kübelwagen at Kyriakidis car lab in Athens, May 2009

The performance was part of ¨Live¨ exhibition curated by D.Papaioannou and Z.Xagoraris for the Athens Biennale

Thanks to Yiorgos Kyriakidis, Kima Bo, Ektor, Nicolas, Anna Varoucha and all the Biennale crew at Acharnon 8 and at the Esplanada

Performed, and recorded by ILIOS. Cut by Peter King




El Amor Es Mi Motor (8") vinyl (lathe-cut) Antifrost |afro2043|

released : October 2009 edition 33 copies

side A: mia mondo estis blinda 6.40"

side B: ĝis mi trovita vian lumon 7.20"

recorded in Athens, Greece between 1999 and 2009 manufactured in New Zealand by Peter King

inspired by C.Blanes - dedicated to Kima



Kenrimono (LP) 2009. PAN |pan4|

released : July 2009

chapter A: Kenrimono (Inmersion)
The full immersion has a prize: The right to enter and meet the Spirit.

chapter B: Kenrimono (The Spirit trapped a soul)
The meeting: The Spirit trapped one more soul. The game is over.

Kenrimono is based on pachinko parlor sounds. Main source recording by
Hiroyuki Kurachi at Shinobugaoka pachinko hall in Shinobugaoka, Osaka, August 2007
All sound work, assembly, edition and production by ILIOS, September 2007.

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Iyelilops (CD) 2007. Antifrost |afro2039|

released : May 2007

Music for Dance (2001-2007) with YELP dance company.

Recorded mainly in Barcelona, Athens, Santander, between 2001 and 2007


Contains tracks from the following dance works of YELP dance company:

MInime (2001)
The Stitch (2002)
Carbon Copy (2004)
Batt.low (2004)
In Silence(2003)
Scale 5:1 (2006)

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Love Is My Motor (CD) 2007. Antifrost |afro2038|

released :March 2007

recorded, aseembled and produced by ILIOS during 2006/7 in
Lima (Peru), London (UK), Santander (Spain), Santiago (Chile) and Asuncion (Paraguay)
Guest appearance: Nikos Veliotis (cello) on track 3

Listen 2 minute excerpt here



1.Pardon the way that I stare
2.There's nothing else to compare
3.The sight of you leaves me weak
4.There are no words left to speak
5.But if you feel like I feel
6.Please let me know that it's real
7.You're just too good to be true
8.Can't take my eyes off you


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Hysechasterion (CD) 2006. Antifrost |afro2037|

released : November 2007

Parallel sets of original source environmental recordings done by ILIOS and Francisco
Lσpez at Mount Athos (Greece), at the monasteries of St. Paul, Gregoriou, Dionysiou,
the Major skete of St.Anne and the rocky hills of Katounakia in November 2004.

"hysechasterion - fl" created at ?obile ?essor (?erlin, Rome, New York, Montreal, Madrid) during 2006
"hysechasterion - ILIOS" assembled in San Francisco and Barcelona during 2005-6

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Balls (2CD-R) 2005. private edition

released : january 2005


recorded in barcelona January 2005
Private edition of 50 numbered copies ,2xCD mounted on 50x30cm cardboard
for Poka Yio's art exhibition: "Fuck Off Thank You Goodbye"
at Gallery Gazon Rouge- Athens.

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Steloj (online) 2006. Con-V |con-v31|

released :June 2006

Collaboration between ILIOS and Jason Kahn.
"Astra" translates to "stars" in Greek; as does "Steloj," the title of their first CD, in Esperanto.

Recorded in Barcelona, 2004

download Steloj and read reviews



Vento Elektra (CD) 2004. Antifrost |afro2027|

released : October 2004



recorded in barcelona using electricity + electrical signals
as sound sources - captured between nov03-apr04
additional recording in bera, jun04.
edited and produced by ilios at studio tallers, summer2004 unsettling, disorientating experience..THE WIRE magazine

..Ilios gave birth to an electroacoustic climatological masterwork..TOUCHING EXTREMES more reviews

Vento Elektra (shop)


Encyclopedia-RW (CD) 2004. Antifrost |afro2024| r

released : June 2004

Encyclopedia, reworked by:




recorded in Japan, Spain, Russia, Finland, Norway, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, USA, U.K in 2004


..Even when I don't recall 'Encyclopedia' the original I must go and look for the original..VITAL WEEKLY more reviews

Encyclopedia-RW (shop)



Old Testament (CD) 2003. Antifrost |afro2017|

released : June 2003


part 1 of the Testament volumes


recorded in Barcelona, San Sebastian, Zurich until spring 2003

..The most enervating record imaginable..THE WIRE magazine more reviews

Old Testament (shop)





18102002 (CD-R) 2003. Absurd |absurd24|

released : February 2003


live in athens, at SMT, 18 October 2002

live recording: athens at small music theatre

..will give your woofers and downstairs neighbours a thrill...PARIS TRANSATLANTIC more reviews

18102002 (shop)




b . a (3" CD) 2002. Antifrost "extreme sound souvenirs" vol.4 |afro 2011|

released : May 2002





recorded in athens autumn 2001 at boavista-andromache studio, mixed at studio tallers, barcelona, produced by ILIOS

..a kind of steel wool majesty....THE WIRE magazine

..The sound of death.THE SOUND PROJECTOR more reviews

b . a (shop)




dance classics (CD) 2000. Antifrost |afro 2005|

released : September 2000


"Dance classics" are the dance hits for the years to come.

Another cynical approach to the dance scene, or simply a genious set of ILIOS sounds.16 tracks by the notorious Greek combo, topped with a remix by Sonic Youth's, Thurston Moore

recorded and produced by ilios at studio Tallers, Barcelona

..A fine release of minimal music that grows on you more and more with every new listening....INCURSION MUSIC more reviews

dance classics (shop)





Freeze Dead (CD) 1999. Antifrost |afro B301| attention: this is POP music!

released : May 1999


"Freeze Dead" is the first (and only up to date) approach of ILIOS to pop music and songs

After listening for a few months solely japanese and greek folk and pop songs, ILIOS decided to take a break in the current work and concentrate on the concept: song. Incorporating H.K fom Japan in the line up who provided singing in both Japanese and Greek, "freeze dead" is the pop ghost of ILIOS. Kenji Sawada meets Manolis Aggelopoulos.

processed in Treviso, Barcelona and Athens

produced by Ilios in collaboration with 50 club.

freeze dead (shop)




Encyclopedia (CD) 1997. Antifrost |afro 9601|

released : March 1997


"Encyclopedia" . encyclopedia of western sounds. for sentimental librarians.

volume 1 : 18 tracks plus index .



recorded in 1993 produced by Ilios


...Demented electronic fanfares give way to a hybrid washing machine, polyrhythmic cleaning mechanisms play footsie with an incubator.... THE WIRE magazine more reviews

encyclopedia (shop)





Pharmacodynamics (CD) 1994. Elfish |elf 016|

released : December 1994


"Pharmacodynamics" ..a brain issue..

recorded in 1993 produced by Ilios, featuring guest M.Vorias on violin

pharmacodynamics (shop)





Eurovision-Otravision (LP) 1993. Elfish |elf 010|

released : March 1993


"Eurovision-Otravision" .

Two twisted visions of the Eurovision Song Contest

recorded in 1992 produced by Ilios

eurovision-otravision (shop)